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Technical Bulletin

Product Application & Non-Applications Guidelines: 2016

Lab Testing Reports

Atlantic Testing Laboratories: New York 1997
Brookhaven National Laboratory: New York, 1998
City University of NY Building (CUNY) Performance Lab: New York, 2015
DCAS Innovative Demo for Energy Adaptability (IDEA) Final Report: New York, 2015
IDEA Technology Demonstration Overview: New York, 2015
NYSERDA Report Summary: 2007

Test Reports

IntelliCon: Compressor Control Savings Summary: 2016
IntelliCon: Heating Control Savings Summary: 2016
150 Crown Street Fuel Reduction Program: New York, 2010 (Commercial Steam Heating - CHS)
ACLD: New York, 2010 (Commercial Forced Air Heating - FA)
Alltex Energy Management: Texas, 2006 (Commerical Air Conditioning - CAC)
Alltex - Saint Johns Hospital: Texas, 2007 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - LCH)
Atlantic County: New Jersey, 2008 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - CHW)
Disney's Animal Kingdom: Florida, 2012 (Commercial Air Conditioning & Hydronic Heating - AC, CAC, LCH, CHW)
Eriel Elementary School: New Jersey, 2005 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - LCH)
Estee Lauder: New York, 2004 (Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration - CAC, RU)
Garden Apartment Complex: New York, 2008 (Commercial Steam Heating - CHS)
German Apartment Complex: Germany, 2012 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - LCH)
Global Energy Efficiency Pilot Report: New York 2014 (Commercial Refrigeration - RU)
Gloucester County: New Jersey, 2007 (Commercial Heating - CHW, Residential Heating - HW+)
Guo Yi Hotel: Beijing, China, 2007 (Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration - CAC, RU)
Hampton Inn: Texas, 2006 (Commercial Air Conditioning - CAC)
Kawartha Dairy: Ontario, Canada, 2007 (Commercial Air Conditioning - CAC)
Keogh Dwyer Correctional Facility: New Jersey, 2007 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - LCH, CHW)
Middletown Public Schools: New Jersey, 2008 (Commercial Hydronic & Steam Heating - LCH, CHS, LCS)
Middletown Schools: New Jersey, 2007 (Commercial Steam Heating - CHS)
NJ Dept of Transportation: Trenton, New Jersey, 2009 (Commercial Air Conditioning - CAC)
Northland Group: Connecticut, 2006 (Commercial & Residential Heating - CHW, HW+)
NYC Dept of Citywide Admin Svcs (DCAS): New York, 2005 (Commercial Hydronic & Steam Heating - CHW, LCH, CHS)
NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA): New York, 2015 (Commercial Steam Heating - CHS)
Holland Tunnel Toll Plaza: New York, 2010 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - CHW)
New York University: New York, 2010 (Commercial Steam Heating - CHS)
Ocala Reduction Study: Florida, 2012 (Residential Air Conditioning - AC)
Omni-Campeau Building: Ontario, Canada, 2007 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - LCH)
Oxford Properties: Ontario, Canada, 2007 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - CHW)
Petro-Canada: Canada, 2006 (Residential Force Air Heating - FA)
Phipps House Group: Queens, New York, 2008 (Commercial Steam Heating - CHS)
Re/Max Eastern Realty: Ontario, Canada, 2006 (Commercial Air Conditioning - AC)
St. John's Hospital: Texas, 2007 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - LCH)
Steinfeld School: Germany, 2012 (Commercial Hydronic Heating - LCH)

Product Sheets

Air Conditioning Energy Economizers
Forced Air Energy Economizer
Hydronic Boiler Energy Economizers
PTAC Energy Economizer
RTU System Package
RU Energy Economizer
Steam Boiler Energy Economizer
Full Product Matrix  

Product Brochures

Boiler Reset Controls Tri Fold
HVAC Controls Tri Fold

Installation Instructions and Operating Guides

AC Instructions
CAC Instructions
CAC Owners Guide
CHS Instructions
CHS WiFi Instructions
CHS Owners Guide
CHW Instructions
CHW WiFi Instructions
CHW Owners Guide
FA Instructions
FA Owners Guide
HW+ Instructions
LCH Instructions
HW+ and LCH Owners Guide
PTAC Instructions
RU Instructions


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